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 ATM  Processing

CDSCA, Inc has partnered with top-level retail ATM Manufactures with Nautilus Hyosung and Genmega to provide you with the overall packages when you process and purchase ATM Machines from us.  Their ATM machines are perfect for your businesses.

When you need an ATM Machine, please just contact us, CDSCA, Inc’s ATM Team will recommend a best and very suitable ATM machine for your businesses.







  •   Halo II

  •   2700 CE

  •   MX 5200 SE

  •  Hantel 1700 W

  •  Gen Mega ONYX

  •  MX 5100 T

  •  MX 5600 T

  • ATM Services and Repairs


CDSCA, Inc knows how important it is to keep your ATM Machines up and running properly. Our technical staffs make sure all your repairs are completed in the fastest time possible at the lowest cost. With Cdsca, Inc. as a partner, your ATM business will be very successful.







  • Vault Cash and Armored Services


Reduce risk, save time, and take controls with CDSCA, Inc’s Vault Cash Program.  Since it encompasses our                                Cash Management and Armored Services, you can focus on your own businesses and be free from going to the bank and loading your  ATM machines.






  • Free ATM deployment trial program

If you want to save money and increase revenue at your businesses, use CDSCA, Inc’s surcharge sharing program for the free ATM placement trial without any contract terms, Just try it, if it doesn’t work, just cancel it.

  • Competitive equipment pricing

  • Make money with your ATM

  • Receive 100% of the surcharge fee

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Comparehensive 24/7/365 customer and technical service support

  • Profit maximization guidance

  • 24-hour ATM monitoring

  • Why CDSCA?

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