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The chip on an EMV card protects individual transactions by adding a secret number only the card issuer knows, which verifies that a transaction is legitimate through an EMV compatible credit card device. cardholder verification method validates a cardholder as the legitimate owner of a card, using verification parameters set up by an issuer.The primary benefit of using an EMV card is the prevention of card-present counterfeit fraud. By installing a chip-activated terminal, you are protecting your business from in-store counterfeit fraud and EMV liability shift.


  • Building  and Maintaining  a Secure Network

  • Full Protection  Cardholder Data

  • We Implement Strong Access Control Measures

  • Regular Monitor and Test Networks

  • Maintain an Information Security Policy

Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program



When a chargeback is initiated, it comes with an automatic debit from the issuer to the acquirer that must be passed to the merchant. Chargeback are financial and Retrieval Requests are non-financial that is the biggest difference.


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